Delivery or Pick up


When you order a product, you can decide whether you will want to pick up the Baby equipment from MUU storage which is located in the East side of Copenhagen "Østerbro" (Holsteinsgade 24, 2100 Copenhagen), deliver to your door or deliver to the CPH airport.


Delivery to CPH Airport:
We deliver to the airport's Information desk in Terminal 2 (located next to "check-in of Big luggages").
You only need to give your name if you pick up or MUU equipment rental if you deliver back (we handle the storage cost).
Opening hours: Every day 5 am – 6 pm
Telephone: +45 3231 2360

It is required that the customer is at home/inform the hotel at the agreed delivery time.
Please make an appointment when you will come to the MUU warehouse, so we can ensure we are there for you to deliver.


Delivery Prices:

  1. Pick up and deliver on MUU warehouse: 0 DKK.

  2. Delivery in Copenhagen: 250 DKK one way (500 DKK for delivery and pickup).

  3. Delivery to CPH Airport: 300 DKK one way (600 DKK for delivery and pickup).

  4. Delivery in Copenhagen suburb: 300 DKK one way (600 DKK for delivery and pickup).